Dubstep Solves Everything

Do you completely hate dubstep yet? If not than you probably just need to listen again. Let this video explain how dubstep attempts to solve everything but in reality just leaves you a drooling idiot on the floor.

Dayman Dubstep

The treasures of the Internet never cease to amaze us. Take this little gem for example, Charlie Kelly’s Dayman from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia gets mixed with dubstep. Prepare to have your mind melted.

Dubstep Pick Up

I’m guessing this sounded a lot better in his head. Let this be a lesson, dubstep isn’t for everyone.

Jahcoozi “Barefoot Dub”

A stripped down and very dubbed out track from Berlin’s Jahcoozi, made up of frontwoman Sasha Perera and beat-freak producers Teuton Robot Koch and Oren Gerlitz.

How To Dance To Dubstep

Anybody can learn some sweet dubstep dance moves, all that’s required are some simple body altering transformations.