These three movies coming in June 2015 are action-packed, must-see movies.

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There are some major new movies on DVD coming next month, including something sexy, something serious, and something stupid.

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Batter up! MLB 15 The Show and more releases are coming this Tuesday!

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Bloodborne, The Hobbit and a WWII film directed by Angelina Jolie all release this week. See what else is coming.

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Batman plays Moses, Sherlock plays a wolf and Electro plays a New York mayoral candidate in this week’s big DVD releases.

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Looking for some family fun? How about a caveman Ben Stiller? Here are the DVDs, Blurays and games coming this week.

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Although the Season finale of Dancing with the Stars premieres tonight, we can still dance along with the cast with these workout videos to keep us fit.

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These sweet Blu-Ray players will make your favorite movie look fantastic.

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With The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug coming to theaters December 13, brush up on your Middle-Earth with some gems from Peter Jackson.

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Some nefarious activities were abound during the filming of ‘We’re the Millers’

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To celebrate the release of Man of Steel on Blu-ray/DVD we took a look at the interesting tidbits you may have not known about the superhero event.

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You could spend the evening watching another boring rom-com starring Hugh Grant or Zach Braff, or you could watch the Rock clobber a bunch of ninjas. Choose wisely.

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Gangster Squad is a slick ode to the gangster films of the 40’s and 50’s and it rocks!

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Are you ready for a new Cheech and Chong film? We speak to the gurus of ganja about their new film venture!

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Get ready for one of the biggest Blu-ray releases of the year!

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More trouble is on the way for Sookie Stackhouse and her undead friends in the fourth season of True Blood, available on Blu-ray / DVD May 29th.

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