What would life be like on planet earth if Jupiter was our night sky? Would gravity be different? Could life as we know it even exist? It’s fun to speculate.

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Pangea was a supercontinent that existed 300 million years ago. All of earth’s 7 continents touched. Check out this map of modern country boundaries on Pangea.

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A new water-operated wheel is cleaning up trash and debris in Jones Falls. The conveyor belt pulls garbage from the river before it reaches the ocean.

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The lunar eclipse appears to be an orange-red color due to a perfect alignment of the sun, earth, and moon. This rare alignment is also known as a “syzygy.”

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These little known gems of earth will make your travel bug itch.

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With North America about to get intimate with Jack Frost this upcoming week, the debate over global warming is all the rage again. Here’s memes for both sides of the argument!

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