Jimmy Kimmel asked children all over the country to send in their rainbow loom crafts. What was once a lighthearted project turned into a worthwhile philanthropy event to raise money for children’s cancer.

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These are the only ways you’ll be able to play Flappy Bird once again.

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The Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald will leave the newspaper to join a new company backed by eBay billionaire Pierre Omidyar.

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An extremely rare “Illustrator” Pokemon card is up for auction on eBay. Scott Pratte is asking for $100,000 for one of the six cards in existence.

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Here’s a list of the top ten apps for the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch.

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Google Play has a large selection of shopping apps. Here’s a list of our favorite shopping apps for Android.

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Starting March 26th eBay will begin robocalling and texting customers. Great.

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SuperDaE has been busted for selling Xbox 720 dev kit online.

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Here’s the deal: the prototype box for a NES New Kids On The Block game went up on eBay recently, with the final bid coming in at a whopping $589.00. Not bad for just the box for something that never actually happened. Problem is, the person who won the…

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