Elephants are a symbol of strength, honor, stability and tenacity. Check out our top 10 elephant jewelry designs to showcase your strength.

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Elephant Pants, harem legwear with a mission to save the elephant population, entered the Shark Tank in Season 8. We interviewed its founders.

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A wonderful display of maternal instinct at the Kaeng Krachan elephant compound at the Zurich Zoo in Switzerland. Baby Omysha slips, and her mom Indi comes running.

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His mother would be so proud.

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A drunk man chases a large African elephant and he’s not dead?! What the hell happened here, Karma?!

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Ivory, a hard white material that comes from elephant tusks, sells for hundreds of dollars per kilogram on the black market.

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The elephants are attacking! Everyone run for your lives!

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Warpaint hail from Los Angeles and is an all-girl band crafting picturesque intimate and energetic songs utilizing traits of post-punk, shoegaze, folk and psychedelic rock paired with angelic, yet distinct vocal delivery. Indie music market leaders like Cat Power, Sonic Youth and Yeah Yeah Yeahs…

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