‘Beauty and the Beast’ will be released in theaters on Friday. Meet the cast of the 2017 film here.

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Why was Emma Watson in the Panama Papers? These are all the best tweets and reactions from fans to the news about the Harry Potter favorite.

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Actress Emma Watson is rumored to be secretly dating England’s Prince Harry.

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Ezra Miller has been cast as The Flash in the 2018 movie. Here’s what you need to know about the 22-year-old actor.

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A creepy YouTube video showing actress Emma Watson becoming Sofia Vergara by removing a mask comes from an altered men’s latex fetish video.

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Emma Watson stunned at the UK premier of “Noah.” Check out the best pictures of her white dress here.

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Logan Lerman plays Noah’s son in the epic film out on March 28. The 22-year-old has already been in multiple blockbusters.

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It may be a British thing, but Emma Watson and Douglas Booth have great chemistry. They started modeling together and now their film
Noah is out on March 28.

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Douglas Booth is the British actor in Noah, out on March 28. His varied resume includes playing Romeo and Boy George. Here’s all you need to know about the 21-year-old.

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Evan Peters has popped the question to girlfriend Emma Roberts. Read on for detaisl on the proposal, the couple’s relationship, and the groom-to-be.

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The trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has been officially released. The movie will hit theaters this May … Check it out here.

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Watch the trailer here.

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Check out these pictures of celebrities with their mom, dad, sisters, and brothers, and see if you can see any resemblance!

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The Bling Ring is a true crime story about a group of teenagers who robbed celebrity homes.

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Hermione Granger is all growed-up. Avada KeDAMNra!

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Michael Cera is getting fresh with RiRi! So does this mean Chris Brown is going to want to fight him now?

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