Hayden Panettiere has checked into a professional treatment center to get help with her long battle against postpartum depression.

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Kyle Jean-Baptiste was a promising actor who already had a lead role on Broadway at 21 when he tragically died. Here are his photos you need to see.

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A recently discovered video shows that George R. R. Martin may be conspiring to never finish the Game of Thrones book series. Do you believe this video?

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Expressions of outrage and disgust are pouring out on Twitter over Indian actor Sanjay Dutt’s 30-day release from prison. Here are the tweets you need to read.

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Check out all the tweets and theories about Fear The Walking Dead that you absolutely have to see. Where did that zombie virus come from? Find out here.

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Fear The Walking Dead premiered tonight. This recap is the only review you need to read. Find out details here.

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One Direction may be disbanding in 2016 and may not tour their fifth album. The news is leaving fans heartbroken. Find out more here.

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Firefox just posted a winking Red Panda of the Month to its start page. Click through the gallery to learn about Firefox’s Red Panda and see adorable photos.

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Disney has released its first official photo for ‘Star Wars: Rogue One’ and announced the cast. Click through the gallery to see who will star in the film.

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Find out when the new CBS show, ‘Supergirl,’ airs and see a sneak peek trailer.

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Are you excited about Heroes Reborn starting? Find out when the show starts and where to watch it so you don’t miss out!

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Fear the Walking Dead, the much anticipated prequel to AMC’s The Walking Dead, begins at the end of August. Find out all the details here.

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A photo of a bear breaking into a truck has recently gone viral. Here are more amazing bear encounter pictures that you don’t want to miss.

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Fear the Walking Dead is starting on AMC this August. Here are all the behind-the-scenes videos and trailers that you need to see.

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The “Heroes Reborn” prequel, “Dark Matters,” is already out! You can watch all six episodes now. Here’s how.

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Earl the Grumpy Puppy took the Internet by storm and gave Grumpy Cat a run for her money. But they’re not the only grumpy animals, as shown in this gallery.

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