What’s Next For Tony Hayward?

Tony Hayward, BP’s hapless CEO, is apparently on his way out. It would seem that grossly mismanaging an ecological disaster and making a laughingstock out of your company is a fireable offense. Who knew?

Heat Wave!

The whole right half of the continental U.S. is being blanketed in an oppressive, smoldering heat wave. Here are some tips to help you beat the heat.

Where Is Tony Hayward?

BP CEO Tony Hayward was scheduled to speak on Tuesday at a meeting of big shots from all over the oil industry, but he’s apparently canceled and gotten the hell out of town instead.

The Chair of BP Clarifies His Remarks

Carl-Henric Svanberg, the Swedish chairman of British Petroleum, has come under fire for his comment that BP ‘cares about the small people’ of the Gulf Coast. Responding to the criticism, Svanberg strove to clarify his statement.

The 20 Awesomest Anti-BP Images

It’s a known deal that BP is just about the worst company in the world as of today. Check out 20 of the funniest pictures and videos that have been created to get back at the oil spillers.

There Will Be Bell

Mash up the Saved By The Bell oil episode with There Will Be Blood? Why, that’s a splendid idea! Don’t mind if I do!

BP Spills Coffee

The laughs just keep on coming at the expense of poor old British Petroleum. In this new video from the Upright Citizens Brigade, the executives of BP try to deal with a coffee spill, with the expected results.

Auto-Tune The Oil Spill

Watch an awesome video of Barack Obama auto-tuned into singing about how he’s going to kick some BP ass and deal with the Gulf oil spill.