Tim & Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie

Somehow these two guys get a billion dollars to make a movie. Of course, bizarre and disgusting antics ensue as their dreams of stardom run terribly off course. Prepare yourselves, the movie hits in March.

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Health “We Are Water”

How did we miss this awesome new video by Eric Wareheim for Los Angeles noise-rock band Health? It’s got everything we love: girls and blood.

The Coachella Strut

Eric Wareheim debuts his new dance craze at hipster music festival Coachella. Hipsters are unimpressed.

Eric Wareheim’s Greatest Music Videos

So is Eric Wareheim now the most in-demand music video director in the world? I’m starting to think yes. What follows is a compilation of some of his most bizarre efforts, for bands like MGMT, Depeche Mode and more.