Check out the best Facebook photos of Naked And Afraid survivalist Honora Bowen who tries to fight her way through Brazil without partner Michael Strutzel.

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Melissa Karkowski is on Extreme Weight Loss and has overcome the suicide of her late husband. Have a look at her son Cody’s best Facebook pics.

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On tonight’s episode of The Bachelorette, two guys are sent packing, revealing who Andi Dorfman will be taking on their Hometown dates next week.

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"Spring Breakers" Premiere - The 69th Venice Film Festival

While doing a scene with “Drag Race” season 6 winner Bianca Del Rio at the “Broadway Bares” AIDS benefit, Franco mooned the audience in a jock strap.

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Jesse Kinch Photos, Jesse Kinch Pics, Jesse Kinch Performances, Jesse Kinch Rising Star, Rising Star Premiere, Rising Star Contestants

Jesse Kinch is one of the contestants who made it through week one on Rising Star. Check out his best Facebook photos.

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Sarah Darling Rising Star, Sarah Darling Music, Sarah Darling Performances, Sarah Darling Facebook, Sarah Darling Photos, Sarah Darling Pics, Sarah Darling Hot

Sarah Darling is one of the contestants who really stood out on the premiere of Rising Star tonight. Check out some of her best pics here.

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Check out Solana from MTV’s Catfish in her best online pics, photos with boyfriend Danny, and shots from the show.

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Learn more about Slingshot and how it compares to Snapchat right here.

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Is Slingshot a mere Snapchat clone, or does Facebook’s new app offer something fresh? Here’s a rundown of how Snapchat and Slingshot are similar, and how these two apps differ.

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Matthew Paetz, Lea Michele Boyfriend Matthew Paetz, Lea Michele Dating Matthew Paetz, Matthew Paetz Gigolo, Cowboys4Angels

Matthew Paetz is reportedly Lea Michele’s new man. Have a look at some photos with the two of them, plus Paetz’s best social media pics.

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