A man who was attempting to do a James Bond-like balcony rappel from a third floor balcony took quite and fall and landed hard on his back.

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A local Fox news affiliate either pranked us all or created an epic fail while reporting about a fire burning up a house. Do you see it right away?

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While two trainers discussed workout routines on camera, a fellow gym goer got a surprise when stepping on a treadmill that somebody left on high speed.

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A girl getting a devotional tattoo to her boyfriend in Hebrew made the mistake of using a translator program. Like no one predicted, it gave her a bad translation.

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Quotation marks are used around scare quotes to say that its meaning doesn’t necessarily express the concept. Confused? So were these people.

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“The Walking Dead” fans love the show’s fiction, but sometimes the writers overlook key plot holes. Check out the funniest of these script failures in memes.

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Dude needs to learn how to handle his champagne.

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Watch all 10 for a pick-me-up.

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Looks like somebody’s been watching a little too much “Austin Powers.”

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This is why the Internet was made: weird pictures with no context.

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Maybe this will make you think twice next time you share a selfie.

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Can this be outlawed in 2014, please?

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These are the best fails, and therefore the worst fails.

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Facebook lets people share with friends, and sometimes that is a very bad thing.

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Well, this just got awkward…

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After asking for a model’s phone number, Brody sent a cringe-inducing 15-second video to the beauty that has now become the fodder of an Internet

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