Must Love Cats

Single fellas, if you’re looking for a date, check out Debbie. Oh, but you need to like cats. I mean you really, really, really need to like cats.

The 10 Dirtiest Hippies

Known for their commitment to tie-dyes, grilled cheese and a lack of showering, the hippy is best observed from a distance. Check out this gallery of 10 of the Dirtiest Hippies out there.

May Brings the Fail

Jackassery was in full bloom this May, so let’s take a look at all the fail that Springtime bestowed upon us.

Death by Mentos

Throw some Mentos in a soda bottle and it’s instant fun! That is unless, your homemade candy rocket fires directly at your face. Cue the music, “Fresh goes better with Mentos, fresh and full of pain!”

Snowmobile Fail

This video is kinda uneventful, badass really, then things go terribly, terribly wrong. And for a long, long time.

Today In Music History: The Police Lip-Synch Fail

Today, in 1979, a little band called The Police made their TV debut with their first single, “Roxanne”. Watch Sting perform quite possibly the worst lip-synching job in the history of television. (Spoiler: they made it big anyway.)

The Worst Fast Food Signs

Fast food joints will do just about anything to get people’s attention, but sometimes their marketing efforts can come off as just plain weird. These signs are sure to make you question that trip to the drive-thru.

The 20 Worst Saturday Morning Cartoons

We’ve got a new feature running on Heavy where we publish a batch of Classic Cartoons every Saturday morning. Though not every toon is destined to be a classic. In fact, here’s 20 of the Worst.

Don’t Be That Guy

Coachella 2011 starts this Friday. Check out this epic clip from last year’s festival – this guy is really struggling to get those flops.