San Diego’s Epic July 4 Fireworks Fail: Show Shoots Wad in 15 Seconds

YouTube commenter “Shannon W” quipped: “Jim from American Pie lasted longer than this.”

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Fat Newlyweds Collapse Boat Dock, Fall in Lake

They do … need to lose some weight.

Open that Beer with Style

Fashion and Fail

Top Comedy Videos of the Week: Miami Zombies, Aliens Musical, Andy Samberg

Top Comedy Videos of the Week: Bacon Cure-All, Darth Jackson, May Fail

May 2012 Fail

May was bursting with bad decisions, failure, and most likely a lot of pain killers and ice packs. Let’s take a moment to relish the fail that spring bestowed upon us this year.

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Bearded Starlets

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These Go to 11 Awards: A Year of Fail

Judging from all the fail that reared its ugly head over the last 12 months, it’ll be a miracle if the human race makes it through 2012. Let’s take a look back and relive those wonderful, painful memories.

The 20 Worst Glamour Shots

The 20 Worst Auto Correct Fails

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The 20 Awesomest English Fails

Faceplants, Flips and Freakouts

A police officer’s car gets away from him, while motorcyclists, bikers and skateboarders hit face-first.

The 20 Worst Police Fails

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The 20 Worst T-Shirt Fails

The 20 Worst Parenting Fails, Volume 2

The 20 Worst Mugshots, Volume 2

Most people don’t look their best in a police mugshot, but damn, something tells me these skidmarks on society didn’t look much better before johnny law came knocking.