You’ll make quick work of those match three puzzles with this tips and cheats guide for FarmVille: Harvest Swap.

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Zynga’s sequel to Farmville introduces new ways to build up your finest farmland.

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Mattrick has been in charge for less than a month but is already devising ways to prevent the Farmville franchise creator from sinking deeper and deeper.

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Zynga CEO and Founder Mark Pincus has stepped down.

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We spent $168 million last year on things that don’t physically exist, and this year we’re going to spend way more. No wonder China’s kicking our asses.

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For once I’m agreement with Oprah’s go-to medical crackpot (I was going to note that he’s only actually a foot doctor and never got a degree in psychoanalysis like Howard Stern loves to state, but according to Wikipedia, the due has a master’s in “experimental psychology”).

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