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Square Enix will throw plenty of Final Fantasy fan favorites into the ring once more for a battle royale in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT.

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The universes of Marvel and Capcom have converged upon each other once again for a battle royal of epic proportions.

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During a special Gamescom 2017 tournament live stream for Injustice 2, fans will get their first look at the second Fighter Pack DLC.

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For fans of BlazBlue, you all have a new character to look forward to. Plus, Arc System Works is producing a brand new project for 2018.

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Expert fighting game players will head to E3 2017 and fight for ultimate bragging rights during the ARMS Open Invitational.

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Without further ado, Tekken 7 has finally made its long awaited trip to consoles with one of the most fully featured fighting games to date.