Independence Day: Resurgence struggled at the box office, resuming the streak of disappointing sequels, while Finding Dory took the crown again.

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“Finding Dory” aka “Finding Nemo 2” is on the way. Here’s what you need to know about it.

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Disney Pixar is returning to their 3D blue sees for more Nemo.

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Nemo has been found, and he’s pissed. The Northeast is bracing for the icy rage of the clown fish, and what better way to prepare than meming it to death.

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Andrew Stanton is recovering from helming one of the biggest flops in cinema history, and he’ll do so with “Finding Nemo 2,” the sequel to his own 2003 Pixar hit. If he doesn’t hit a home run, after striking out miserably last time out, he’ll be sent packing back to the Mickey-Mouse leagues.

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