Photos of a building collapse and fire that tore through a building in the East Village of Manhattan after an explosion Thursday afternoon.

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A video of what is described as a “400,000 volt short” catching fire at what appears to be a power plant looks like a demon god has been summoned.

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The Marina Torch skyscraper in Dubai is ablaze after a fire sparked on the 50th floor in the middle of the night. Thousands of residents have been evacuated.

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A pair of pyromaniacs on a frozen lake used an ice pick to open methane gas bubbles embedded in the surface then ignited them with a lighter.

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A massive fire erupted early this morning in downtown Los Angeles at the DaVinci complex in the 900 block of Fremont Avenue. Check out the photos of the blaze.

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A Lamborghini Aventador starts at $397,500. One owner, showing off his super car in London, suddenly found his pricy vehicle on fire.

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An unknown man in Fresno, California is being hailed a hero after he entered a burning home and carried an elderly man to safety.

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Jacob Bumgardner made a homemade flamethrower backpack, much to his girlfriend’s chagrin. She questions him, “What the f*ck is that for?!” He says, “Fun.”

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Tony Grider, a father of 5 and beloved firefighter, has died from injuries he suffered after an ALS Ice Bucket Challenge went wrong on August 21.

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A Snapchat story recorded a night of fraternity partying that ended with a house fire. The Sigma Chi house near California State University, Chico burned down.

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Four firemen were injured, one of them critically, when a power line electrified a ladder truck during an Ice Bucket Challenge stunt.

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A disturbing new challenge trend has emerged on YouTube where teenagers pour flammable liquids on themselves and light it on fire. Watch it all here.

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Authorities say five adults and two children were killed early Thursday in a massive apartment fire in Lowell, Massachusetts.

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A Redditor whose cousin is a firefighter in Alaska shared this epic picture his cousin took while battling a blaze outside of Fairbanks. An airplane with fire!

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A fire has ravaged San Marcos, California, destroying structures, burning acres and even creating a fire tornado.

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A brush fire in Carlsbad, California, has burned homes and forced thousands to evacuate. Here are the devastating pictures you need to see.

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