TactiBite fish calls got a deal with Robert in the Shark Tank. We interviewed its owner to see how the company has grown since the show.

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TactiBite Fish Calls pitched their device that attracts fish with sound and vibration. We interviewed one of its inventors about his business.

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A man ice fishing on a frozen lake in Pennsylvania got quite the surprise when he pulled a duck out of the water. His friend got it on video.

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You may have gone ice fishing before, but not like how they do in Sweden. Watch what happens when this guy shoots a firework into a hole in a frozen lake.

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A family fishing off a boat near Bonita Springs, Florida got a surprise when the 4-foot shark they caught got swallowed up by an Atlantic goliath grouper.

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Jake Sawyer of North Royalton, Ohio was walking the flood water streets of his home when he caught a 40-pound carp with his bare hands. Check out the video.

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Sharkception! A seafood Turducken has been found in the wild by an ocean exploration team with the University of Delaware.

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Anthony Wichman was rescued from the Pacific ocean when a 230-pound Ahi tuna nearly drowned him after it capsized his 14-foot boat.

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A lucky pair of teenagers may have the best fishing story of 2013.

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A frightening image was recently posted on Reddit showing a strange creature caught in a Central New Jersey river.

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It’s all fun and games until the big fish jumps on the boat with you.

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Jumping out of a helicopter to wrestle a marlin, yep, just another lazy afternoon of fishing.

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The fish must be laughing.

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A big ol’ bull scares the freakin’ bejesus out of a South Carolina woman when he attacks the fish dangling from the end of her fishing line.

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Maybe you’re accustomed to a “no girls allowed” rule on fishing trips, but you wouldn’t want to leave these beauties on the dock. All aboard!

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Just got tipped to this new documentary by NY filmmaker Chandler Kauffman about one of the weirdest sports I’ve ever heard of – skishing, a bizarre hybrid of skiing and fishing. Watch the trailer.

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