Here’s the lowdown on how to watch Lewis Hamilton battle Nico Rosberg at the Bahrain Grand Prix live online.

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The Formula One racing season gets started on March 15 with the Australian Grand Prix. Click here to get the entire 20-race schedule.

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Formula One driver Jules Bianchi is in critical condition after suffering a serious head injury at the Japan Grand Prix. Read on for updates on his condition.

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French Formula One driver Jules Bianchi suffered a serious head injury after he crashed Sunday during a the Japan Grand Prix.

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Formula One driver Jules Bianchi is in critical condition after crashing Sunday in race run during Typhoon Phanfone in Japan.

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Racing legend Michael Schumacher has been released from a French hospital after being in a coma for four months after a skiing accident.

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British driver Anthony Davidson suffered a terrifying crash during the Le Mans 24 hour race when he was clipped by Piergiuseppe Perazzini’s Ferrari, sending Davidson’s car into a mid-air flip.

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The Sauber F1 Mechanics team has spent the last two years of their downtime dissecting a Formula One racing car for an up-close anatomy lesson on the car’s inner-workings.

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You don’t have to like fast cars to enjoy this compelling documentary about Brazilian racing champion, Ayrton Senna. One of the best movies of 2011 is now available on Netflix Instant.

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Every week, I pick five things that make being an American own. This week: Heidi Montag, Lost, that chain-smoking toddler, Formula One in Texas and more.

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