With another E3 on the horizon, here’s our predictions for what we see Microsoft announcing for the Xbox One.

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Check out this list of great Xbox One & Xbox 360 games that are perfect Christmas 2014 stocking stuffers!

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Check out our review of the Xbox One exclusive racer, “Forza Horizon 2.”

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If you own an Xbox One, you have a lot to look forward to.

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These in-game screenshots are will confuse the common person and make them think these “Forza Horizon 2″ pics seem real.

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Check out all the details on the next open-world spinoff entry in the “Forza Horizon 2″ series.

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Here are the video games you need to save some dead presidents for come September 2014.

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Check out our main hub for all the awesome game trailers that E3 2014 showcased!

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Make sure these excellent Xbox One games are added to your collection.

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So are all these awesome Xbox One rumors bound to be true?

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For tuner heads, this is the next-gen racing game you’ve been looking for.

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Forza Motorsport’s tight simulation racing mechanics will make the transition to the Xbox One.

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In the end, it’s all about the game trailers that made their debut. And we have all the ones that matter, rest assured.

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After last week’s unendurable crapload of shovelware, it’s nice to be playing some good games again. And this week’s load of new releases has some legit triple-A action going on. Would that be… aaaction? Don’t anybody try to use that, I just copyrigh…

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Damn. Just…. daaaaaaamn. Game looks good, yo. Gran Turiswhat?…

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