As France advances out of Group A in Euro 2016, find out all the details on their Round of 16 match.

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Dimitri Payet has been one of the stars of Euro 2016. His wife, Ludivine, and son, Noa, have also stolen the show. See the best pictures of them here.

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In a new photo report purportedly released by the Islamic State, children in ISIS-occupied “Wilayat Khurasan,” aka areas of Afghanistan and Pakistan, “celebrate” the recent terrorism in the United States and France.

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Larossi Abballa, a 25-year-old with a prior terrorism conviction who pledged allegiance to ISIS, killed a French police officer and posted video to Facebook.

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Larossi Abballa, the ISIS sympathizer who murdered two French police officers in the Paris suburb of Magnanville yesterday, filmed a 12-minute video while he was barricaded inside their home. Watch it here.

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Take a look at the ten Euro 2016 stadiums and cities hosting all the matches.

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Over the past two days, Paris has been hit hard with rain and floods as the River Seine reaches its highest level in three decades.

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On the one hundred year anniversary of the secret British-French accord that created post Ottoman Empire boundaries in the Middle East, the Islamic State has purportedly released a statement.

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In new multi-language posters purportedly released by the Islamic State, an excerpt from the recent speech by ISIS spokesman Abu Muhammad al Adnani encourages attacks on Paris and more.

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Suzanne Lenglen’s 117th birthday is being celebrated by Google with a Doodle. The French tennis star popularized women’s tennis and won 31 titles from 1914-1926.

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While no terrorist group has yet to claim official responsibility for the believed bombing of EgyptAir Flight 804 from Paris to Cairo, Islamic State sympathizers have been tweeting about it on Twitter.

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EgyptAir Flight 804 from Paris, France to Cairo, Egypt disappeared over the Mediterranean early this morning. What are conspiracists saying about the plane that is believed to have crashed?

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A video posted on YouTube alleges to show missing plane EgyptAir Flight 804 crashing in a ball of fire. The video was shared on Twitter by user HKN and was posted to YouTube by user 2016KEXY.

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EgyptAir Flight 804 from Paris to Cairo disappeared over the Mediterranean early this morning. A distress signal was detected. Could the Islamic State be be behind the Airbus A320’s disappearance?

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EgyptAir says one of its planes, Flight No. MS804, has disappeared from radar. The plane, bound from Paris, France, to Cairo, is believed to have crashed.

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The best photos from the Cannes Film Festival of 2016.

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