Amazon recently released “Echo”, a stationary, cylindrical home “assistant” that acts like Apple’s Siri. Check out the commercial, and then watch the parody.

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Apple has made two new ads for the iPhone 6 which star Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake.

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Do these TV spots make you want to buy a new iPhone?

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Samsung’s not pulling any punches with their new Note 4 ads.

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This commercial would have you believe that Microsoft’s Cortana is way more sophisticated than Siri.

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Orangina is a citrus carbonated beverage that is highly popular in Europe. Check out their newest ad campaign, featuring humanoid animals in sexy situations.

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Ads celebrating the World Cup are already viral. Check out the best featuring Shakira, Ronaldo, & more! From McDonald’s to Nike to Activia, soccer is in!

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What if tampon commercials used red dyed water instead of blue to show pad absorbency?

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‘Hunger Games’ star Alexander Ludwig features in this hilarious commercial for the new app Tikr.

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In the wake of Facebook’s purchase of Oculus VR, one funny guy has created a fake commercial for Facebook’s Oculus Rift interface.

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Check out this creepy, weird commercial for the LG G Flex. Some have called it the worst commercial ever.

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A new ad campaign by Project: BreastFeeding hopes to destroy the social stigma of women breastfeeding in public.

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Best part is: it’s funny.

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This hilarious Lipton tea commercial features Kermit making his way through New York surrounded by “animals.” Miss Piggy is in it, too!

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Samsung uses LeBron James to talk smack about the iPhone.

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Kmart’s Joe Boxer brand has come out with a controversial but hilarious commercial for the holidays — men playing “Jingle Bells” with their balls.

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