Deodorant For Weirdos

I think the real issue here isn’t, “why do your friends smell bad?” But more importantly, “why are you smelling your friend’s crotch?”

Retro Viral Video: Flea Market Montgomery

I just want to preface this classic video with a warning: You WILL have this song stuck in your head all day, and you may or may not find yourself daydreaming about living room sets.

Amazing Paper Towels

Forget the ShamWow, if you really want to clean up a mess and make best friends at the same time, then paper towels are exactly what you need. Cheap, practical and surprisingly fun.

WTF Brazil

As we’ve previously explored on this site, Brazil sells cars a little differently. While American car dealers prefer to sell trucks with images of rugged men hauling lumber and scaling mountains, Brazil opts for demonic ponies. Whatever works I guess…

KITT Needs a New GPS

KITT might want to think about updating his GPS. Because, I’m willing to bet there’s a better way to get to your destination than driving through a brick wall. Then again, Mapquest isn’t much better.

Who Buys This Crap?

Let all who enter your home know just how bad your personal taste is with the ugliest furniture money can buy. Pink genie bottles, strange purple teardrop statues, and of course, gag inducing plastic couches. They’ve got it all!

True Gangstas Eat Lunchablez

WTF, the Luchablez my mom packed in my school lunch back in the day were never this hardcore. Maybe I wasn’t eating them right or something, but cheese and crackers just became straight thug life.

Real World Board Games

There’s no better way to teach your kids about capitalism and racial profiling than classic board games with a modern twist. What they lack in fun, they make up for in valuable life lessons. (Laughter sold separately)

Sammy’s Space Savers

Gotta run an errand but worried about losing your spot? Fuhgeddaboudit, let Sammy be the a-hole that guards your spot from the other a-holes.

Jones’ Good Ass BBQ and Foot Massage

BBQ and foot massages go together like snow cones and dry wall. So it’s only natural to have a pork joint/ massage parlor under the same roof. Don’t question the sanitary conditions, just kick off your shoes and enjoy the grub.