Tonight the Academy Awards honors the best performances in movies this past year. Here are some of the funniest memes about the ceremony.

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Robert Pattinson showcased a new hairdo at the GO GO Gala charity event in Los Angeles on Thursday. Here are the memes for it.

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A dog was riding in his owner’s friend’s truck when he turned around and saw his owner in the car behind him. The dog’s expression is priceless.

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Kim Kardashian’s butt is the cover photo of Paper magazine and it has inspired internet trolls to “break the internet” with parody memes of the picture.

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A woman was driving her car ignored traffic signs and road workers yellow “stop” and barrels into wet road construction. She totaled her car.

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Alex is a Target employee who suddenly found himself an internet, pop culture celebrity after a photo of the handsome teenager was shared on Twitter.

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Halloween is now known for hot girls turning any idea into a “sexy” costume. But sometimes these costumes go too far, like a “sexy Ebola nurse?”

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Reddit user JPEEZY95 shared this awesome pic of himself and his fellow Army men prior to deployment. They all posed in front of little green Army figurines.

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September 29 is National Coffee Day! It’s an annual event that celebrates the benefits of coffee while also raising fair trade awareness for growers.

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Michael Whitington is going to jail, but he’s all smiles. The Denver, Colorado man allegedly robbed a bank and escaped on a train, but police got him. Here’s his mugshot.

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A senior at Palos Verdes Peninsula High in Los Angeles County made senior T-shirts for his 2015 class that read: “We are PEN15″ and “Biggest Around.”

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These high school seniors decided to make their senior pictures the most memorable by being the funniest. Check out the crazy senior photo pranks.

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Tattoos are a common thing nowadays for men and women, wherever they decide to put them on their body. But sometimes the tattoos chosen are terrible. See here.

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A student monologued how bad he was at paying attention in chemistry class by typing his freethought verse on an iPad. The student behind him snapped a pic.

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Radiation technicians sometimes have to employ strange devices when working with children. Check out this bizarre baby holder, the Pigg-o-Stat in action.

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Every company has a brand they’re trying to make instantly recognizable, but sometimes their brand gets recognized for the wrong reasons. Check them out here.

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