The voice actors of Overwatch slayed as they reenacted the dance emotes of their characters to celebrate the game’s anniversary.

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A bear was caught on video playing a piano in a Vail, Colorado home. Watch.

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A woman has discovered a funny little “Easter egg” after introducing her Google Home intelligent personal assistant to her Amazon Echo Alexa.

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While some (not all) customers seem to like the limited edition Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino, the baristas who actually have to make the drink are less complimentary.

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A viral video showing a “trumpeter” swan attacking a sign reading, “Caution Swan is Aggressive” has Redditors nicknaming the waterfowl “Swanald Trump.” The sign? Fake news.

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A video filmed by a man trying to show off his arm balance on a stack of dumbbells is outshined by an older man nonchalantly sinking basketball free throws in the background.

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“Hi Stranger,” a new claymation YouTube video by Kirsten Lepore and voiced by Garrett Davis, is the 2017 equivalent of Salad Fingers. It features a naked claymation man giving a pep talk to the viewer.

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A clingy girlfriend, possibly on drugs, wouldn’t let her boyfriend leave for work by standing in front of his pickup on a busy road. The boyfriend tried covering her with cardboard boxes to get away.

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What does the mythical, horned horse sound like? Musician Andrew Huang recorded it.

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A man who was trying to break into his neighbor’s apartment didn’t know his neighbor was watching—and filming—the entire time. When caught, the would-be robber has the worst excuse ever, “dude.”

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With President-elect Trump coming into the White House in January 2017, voters are saying goodbye to Obama and his family after eight years in office with #ThankObamaIn4Words on Twitter.

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The LAX Airport says a man in a Zorro costume was detained amidst the panic over false reports of an active shooter. See the video and memes.

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Home Alone bad guy, Marv, played by actor Daniel Stern, found a spider at his home and recorded it. His scream is close to the shrill one from 26 years ago.

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A video showing preteens singing a choral version of Silento’s “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)” has gone viral. But is the performance serious or is it a joke?

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Morgan Freeman snuck back onto the stage at the 2016 Oscars to nab a free Girl Scout cookie from host Chris Rock and actor Michael Keaton.

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Watch the funniest videos of the week with news bloopers, an unaired ‘SNL’ clip, some tight pants, & a hilarious campaign video. Check out the best funny clips here!

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