Flamethrower Guitar?!?

Those Burning Man folks are just so creative. Check out this rousing rendition of “Smoke On The Water” from 2011′s Burn.

Louis C.K.Outtake

Comic Louis C.K. is bypassing every television outlet and releasing his latest stand-up special online only. Check out a clip from his upcoming special where he discusses the evolution of the human species.

The Ultimate Talk Show Guest

MacGruber’s long lost cousin has the incredible talent of whistling “Georgia’s on My Mind” while looking like he’s a second away from a full blown seizure. Personally, my fav part is the kid at :039.

Japan’s Game Shows Could Be the Future

They’re light-years ahead in robotics, so why not game shows? While Americans are busy spinning wheels, the Japanese are climbing slime covered staircases and sliding into tubs of goo. Leave your dignity at the door.

Bad Lip Reading of Ron Paul

So Cain is out and the Republican party is left with who? Newt, Michele and Ron? I don’t know about you but after Ron Paul’s childlike gibberish, he’s got my vote.

She Has A Boyfriend

Finally, the Brits teach us the polite way to deal with attractive girls with boyfriends: harshly.

Dog Disco Is Not Dead

I think most people were glad to see Disco pronounced dead in the 70′s, but Dog Disco? Let’s not be hasty.