Family Feud Gets Dirty

C’mon, seriously? The Family Feud writers had to know the territory they were going into when writing this question. As Steve Harvey put it, “Sometimes you see the look on somebody’s face and just know…”


Adrien Brody’s amazing life has brought him to every corner of the world and across the universe. As the saying goes, it’s not about the Brody-destination, it’s about the Brody-journey.

Investigating Swag Syndrome

There may not be a cure yet, but doctors are working hard to investigate the latest in deadly d-bag epidemics: Swag Syndrome. SWOOP!

The Walken Dead

They only want one thing… okay, two actually: brains and more cowbell.

iPhone 4S is Talking Smack

Yes, the iPhone 4S has some great features, but this whole artificial intelligence program that uses your voice to send text messages could be a problem. Especially, now that the iPhone is dishing out some serious attitude.

Kung Fu F**k You

The rarely seen flipping bird style of kung-fu is equally deadly as it is offensive.

Fight Smack in the Orphanage PSA

Our favorite pimp, Chocolate Giddy Up, stars in this PSA about not just selling smack in the community, but also fighting it in our orphanages. I can dig it.

The Tug Toner

Move over, Shake Weight. Jimmy Kimmel reveals the latest in suggestive workout technology: The Tug Toner.

Epic Rap Battles of History: Columbus vs. Captain Kirk

Across galaxies and oceans these two explores come together to throw down and find out just who is the greatest in history. One commands the Starship Enterprise, the other accidentally stumbled upon a new land. Both wear funny clothes.