Here’s the list of the top 5, funniest viral videos for the week of October 24, 2014. From a masturbating panda to a puppy pulling off a girl’s bikini, watch!

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On Tuesday morning, anchor Richard Arnold of Good Morning Britain audibly farted during live broadcast. Co-anchors Ben Shephard and Susanna Reid couldn’t stop laughing.

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During a soccer match between Argentina sides Belgrano and Quilmes, a dog wandered onto the pitch and was met by Quilmes’ Sebastián Romero and Jonathan Zacaría.

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A Mormon missionary in a European city came across a Michael Jackson impersonator. The two had a dance off on the street.

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This girl at a pool wants the perfect selfie to share with friends on social media. But the extent she goes to get that perfect pose is laughable to watch.

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Corey doesn’t understand “The Price is Right.” When the contestant before him bids $755, Corey bids $7,000. Even host Drew Carey can’t believe Corey’s fail.

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Jackson was parkouring in an industrial site when he leaps off a building, trying to land on a corrugated container. But he undershoots the jump and falls.

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A girlfriend from Hong Kong visiting her boyfriend’s native Australia comes across an infamously large Australian spider for the first time. Watch what happens.

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The South Sydney Rabbitohs is a rugby team in Australia who just won their first Grand Final in 43-years. A fan celebrated by flashing his penis on-air.

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A man in residential Australia found two kangaroos boxing outside his home. He filmed the entire fight, and set it to Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker ballet music.

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A crazy lady who is upset at a bicyclist for riding on the sidewalk throws a cup at him. An off-duty cop shows up and tries to defuse the situation.

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The Teufelsrad, or Devil’s Wheel, is one of the oldest attractions at Oktoberfest beer festivals in Germany. Here is a video of girls riding one in Munich.

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A father who showed his baby how to flex got a surprise when his young son couldn’t stop showing off his muscles in the mirror. Watch the video here.

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Al-Iraqiyya TV aired a music video promo of its anti-ISIS satirical series The Superstitious State. It stars the devil, a Jewish woman, and ISIS’ Al-Baghdadi.

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Most 90s kids could sing to you the Doug theme song. And creators Dan Sawyer and Fred Newman got together to do a live performance of the tune. Watch it here.

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Lola’s father was trying to lead her in the “One Day We Went to the Zoo” nursery rhyme, but Lola just can’t seem to get her words right.

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