Old people + Oculus Rift = HILARIOUS.

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Apple CEO Tim Cook has accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

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Emily Bullinger is a stand-up comedian whose set includes riffs about fundamentalist Christians, rape, sex, & the anti-Christ. See how not funny it all is here.

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chris pratt, ice bucket challenge, als

Guardian of Galaxy‘s Star Lord got in on the ALS challenge, but with alcohol instead. Unfortunately, his wife Anna Faris got him soaking wet, anyway.

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magician sells weed to cop, calen morelli

Calen Morelli, a street illusionist, walked up to a police officer with a bag of weed & offered to sell it to him. The policeman reacted to his magic trick.

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This GameStop employee is chatting with 2 customers, discussing the details about his service in the Marines. Little does he know he’s talking to real Marines.

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sharklumbo, funny or die

What happens when you mix famed mystery detective “Columbo” with Discovery Channel’s Shark Week? You get a weird crime drama brought to you by Funny or Die.

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noah ritter

Noah Ritter, or the “Apparently” Kid, flew to viral stardom when he was interviewed at a Pennsylvania county fair.

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President Obama Addresses The Nation During State Of The Union Address

A new dub of Barack Obama singing the summer pop hit “Fancy” is a viral hit. Made up of a bunch of presidential speech videos, the PoTUS’ version is catchy.

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Yesterday a viral video of Chris Pratt rapping Eminem was seen on the Internet. Now a Redditor has synced Pratt’s rapping with the actual beat to the song.

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63 H7N9 Bird Flu Cases Confirmed In China

A video of a bare-chested man in Russia ordering his ducks to attention before sending them into the barn on his farm is today’s viral must-see.

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Noah Ritter of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, was attending the Wayne County Fair with his grandfather when WNEP-TV’s Sofia Ojeda stopped him to ask a question.

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