Jean E. Oddi died on February 20, 2017, at the ripe age of 91, but not before writing her own obituary with such personality that she may as well still be living.

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Video of Donald Trump signing executive orders has been manipulated into GIF form to portray him showcasing poorly-drawn pictures. See the best ones.

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It’s New Year’s 2017, and lots of people are planning to make a lifestyle change for the better. Whatever your goals are, here are some funny memes to a “New Year, new me!”

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Police have responded to creepy clown threats and sightings in different ways. Here are the funniest police clown quotes and responses.

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For those that prefer humor to scares at Halloween, here’s our list of the top ten best funny halloween costumes for 2016.

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When normal gifts just won’t do, here are 10 ideas that will make them laugh, cry, or just really confuse them. Make Christmas interesting this year and give gifts you will enjoy giving more than they will enjoy receiving.

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Our list includes wacky gift ideas like novelty wine glasses, funny books, and witty t-shirts. Read on to see our favorite cool gifts and funny gifts for women this holiday season.

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Shopping for a bachelorette party, bridal shower, or office party? Make her chuckle with one of these funny gag gifts for women.

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Happy Independence Day, Americans! Celebrate the greatest country in the world this 4th of July with funny pictures that only true patriots can appreciate.

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If you’ve ever wanted to see two pandas fight it out in the ring or Ronald Reagan as an American action hero, we’ve got some hilarious t-shirts for you.

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Nobody knows who started National Lost Socks Memorial Day, or when it started, but it may be the most non-important (and non-official) holiday of the year.

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Wear these hilarious shirts for Cinco de Mayo 2015.

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2015 will have a lot of opportunities to wear a new Star Wars T-shirt, including Battlefront‘s release, The Force Awakens and Star Wars Day.

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Scrambling for a last-minute prank idea? These April Fool’s Day jokes are great for pranking your family, friends, or co-workers.

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Here are ten awesome April Fool’s Day pranks you can pull in 2015. If you got pranked last year, now is the time to start plotting your revenge.

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Make ’em laugh this Christmas with our favorite funny gifts and gag gifts.

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