Preview the 60beat GamePad

If you feel completely lost and awkward not having a controller in your hands when gaming on iOS, there’s now a solution.

This Week In Gaming News

Most of this week’s news centers on the VGAs, both good and bad. But you also have some good news for Metal Gear and Nintendo fans as well. Plus the Vita makes its Japanese debut.

The UFC on Xbox Live

Find out what to expect on when UFC launches its app on Dec 20th and brings MMA action to Xbox Live.

The Design Behind Max Payne 3

Aside from the almost robotic narration, Rockstar has put together a pretty cool insider’s look into the design of Max Payne 3, including Max’s physics and killing strategy.

Diablo III Cinematic Soulstone Teaser

Cinematic game footage offers a glimpse into the evolving story of Diablo III. Whether any of that game footage ever sees the light of day in the form of an actual game for purchase remains to be seen.