We got our hands on the upcoming reboot of Capcom’s super ninja, Strider.

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Grand Theft Auto III has become an icon over the last decade and there’s no better way to celebrate this milestone than bringing the game to iOS and Android. Check out Heavy’s first hand GTA coverage at NY Comic Con.

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Despite all his weirdness, the gloved one certainly deserves better than this.

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The Tokyo Game Show has just kicked off, and relax! Nothing to fear: they’re still making some awesome games over there.

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An enterprising floorperson at Gamescom took their HD video camera, filmed a scroll at the Rock Band 3 booth, and lo and behold we have a tracklist. Some incredibly great songs on this baby.

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Check out this selection of screens from the upcoming Metroid: Other M, developed by Team Ninja for the Nintendo Wii.

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