Valkyries are uber-powerful female warriors that are some of the best troops in “Clash of Clans.” Use our tips and cheats guide on the best methods towards using them.

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Explore worlds of magic and myth without breaking the bank.

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This next “Clash of Clans” guide will provide you with the tips necessary needed to properly use your Tier 3 troops.

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Now that you have your Tier 2 troops in tow, use our guide to make sure you utilize them the right way.

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So how did the gaming journalism world react to the newest “FIFA” release? These reviews will let you know if “FIFA 15’s” worth picking up.

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Here’s our review of the latest fighter in the “Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm” series. It’s time for a ninja Revolution.

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The next generation of “WWE 2K” looks worth the wait if this gameplay trailer is any indication of what’s to come.

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These are the best Android racing games out there.

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With this new “Clash of Clans” buildings guide, you’ll figure out the best ways to maximize your player potential!

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