Nintendo announced the Nintendo Switch console: a system that can be used as a traditional console or detached and used as a portable game system. What else do we know?

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8Bitdo’s wireless N64 controller is less than a month away from shipping. Here’s how you can order the retro device that is compatible with iOS, Android and PCs

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Find out where and how to buy a new PlayStation VR. The new headset comes in several different bundles and can be purchased from several online or brick and mortar retailers.

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You can save hundreds in rental fees to Comcast by supplying your own networking gear.

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Price, features, and fast facts about Twitch Prime. The new service will replace Twitch Turbo in countries where Amazon Prime is available. Twitch also announced that it will be allowing video uploads in addition to live-streams.

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Overwatch has released a patch for Xbox One users, but a new update has caused unexpected crashing.

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Looking to unlock great balls, ultra balls and master balls in Pokémon Go? Here’s how you can get them.

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Hoping to get more candy and stardust in Pokemon Go for free? Follow these steps to evolve and power up your Pokemon without paying any real money.

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Is your Pokémon dangerously low on HP, or have they fainted after a battle? Here is how you can revive them and restore their health.

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For under $100, you can make the upgrade to a keyboard that is faster, flashier, and clickier.

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Overwatch has finally pulled the trigger on Ana, the new support sniper to be added to the roster.

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Blizzard is spilling the beans on the newest playable character in the Overwatch universe.

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Pokémon Go encourages players to go outside in order to play, but is it possible to catch some Pokémon while remaining indoors?

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Pokémon Go gives players the option of choosing Team Instinct, Team Mystic or Team Valor. What does that mean, exactly? What’s the difference?

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Buying a new laptop for school shouldn’t be a chore, especially with the latest generation of light and powerful ultrabooks out now.

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With 21 characters available at launch, there is plenty to discuss about the roster of Overwatch.

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