Somebody has entirely too much time on their hands… and is now probably single.

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Michael Jackson’s ghost allegedly gives a testimony in the court when Lionel Richie’s wife, Brenda Richie, claimed to have spoken to a medium who received information from Michael’s ghost that his death was an accident.

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The ChillSeekers say they have proof, but we’ll let you be the judge of their footage.

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This is slightly less weird than the time that Lady Gaga claimed to have “taken a ride on President Lincoln’s Bologna Pony.”

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Under the jump, what may well be the greatest cat animated GIF ever. Even if you hate cats. Hell, especially if you hate cats….

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The Internet is abuzz over this clip from The Wizard Of Oz which supposedly shows a mysterious phenomenon caused by the ghost of a midget who hung himself during filming. Look into the worrds for the black figure moving strangely while Dorothy…

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