The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is for a great cause, and the charity campaign has gone viral. Check out what happens when these videos don’t go as planned.

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Celebrities have gotten in on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Here’s a collection of GIFs of stars participating in the pop culture charity campaign!

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It’s Shark Week 2014! Every year Discovery Channel takes a week to celebrate the giant, man-eating fish with television documentaries & movies! Join the fun!

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A new viral video from Chatroulette shows a man apparently masturbating, but actually drying a plate with a rag. Check out the other funny webcam chat pranks!

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Just by adding “GIF” to your favorite YouTube video URL you can make a GIF. Find out this easy, how-to trick to turn your funny YouTubes into funny GIFs.

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Broadway and television star Elaine Stritch died today at age 89. Celebrate her life from Sondheim to 30 Rock with these memes, both funny and endearing.

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Musical comedian Weird Al is experiencing a resurgence of popularity due to his newest parody songs in the album “Mandatory Fun.” Let’s celebrate the funny man!

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We all know ice hockey is a rough sport physically and the players are badass. So badass that they do their own dental work in the box after being checked.

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Laverne Cox has become the first transgender person to be nominated for an Emmy for her role as Sophia Burset on “Orange is the New Black” on Netflix.

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As the World Cup enters its final phase, take a look back at some of the most memorable moments in the soccer tournament! From fans to fails, it’s here!

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Luis Suarez is in trouble again after biting Giorgio Chiellini during a World Cup game. Suarez is a known biter in the soccer world.

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Two Beagle puppies play as the American

From dogs, to cats, to birds, all animals have the potential to be a dick. Check out the funniest GIFs of animals knocking each other over and more.

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