This Week In Gaming News

This week is all about screws ups of all shapes and sizes. Plus, a certain late night host makes his Halo debut and Mario gets some Kickstarter action. It hasn’t exactly been your average week in the world of games.

God of War: Ascension Teaser Game Trailer

Looks like we’re getting a God of War 4 after all. Here’s the first trailer for God of War: Ascension with a look back at a time when Kratos wasn’t such a nasty dude, if there ever was such a time.

How God of War Should Have Ended

Somebody should really tell Kratos to take a vacation. Seriously, the guy needs to kick back, relax, and give this whole vengeance thing a rest for a bit.

What’s New In Games This Week

Who wants to drive recklessly, be a champion of the gods and save like $250 on a game that was previously only available on eBay? Any hands?