Goldeneye Becomes a Reality

This gamer tries out a new Goldeneye 64 mod and learns an eternal truth – NOTHING is more frustrating than trying to escort Natalya to safety in Goldeneye 64. Nothing.

Goldeneye 007: Reloaded Game Trailer

I used to spend hours engaged in death matches with friends on the N64 version. The Wii version, eh, a bit of a disappointment. Is there hope for the new redux? Only time and grenade launchers will tell.

GoldenEye For N64 & Wii Compared

Aside from the far less groovier music, the remake to the classic that defined consoles FPSs stays very close to its roots! Check out the comparison.

GoldenEye Wii Game Trailer

The first gameplay trailer for the eagerly anticipated GoldenEye 007 sort-of-remake just dropped. It’s looking pretty sharp.

E3 Nintendo Press Conference

Nintendo’s E3 press conference featured the unveiling of the 3DS as well as lots of old friends – new Zelda, new Kid Icarus, new Donkey Kong and more.