On tonight’s episode of Graceland, Jakes goes undercover at the bus depot as a mechanic to find the bus smuggling drugs. Johnny gets closer with Carlito.

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On tonight’s Graceland, Mike and his team track down the busses that are bringing in Solano’s drug shipments. Johnny goes undercover to bring Solano’s son Carlito an antique gift in the episode “Tinker Bell.”

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Brandon Jay McLaren stars on the USA Network summer hit series Graceland as Dale Jakes. Here’s what you need to know about McLaren and his lone wolf character.

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On tonight’s Graceland, Briggs goes in search of his cartel connection to find who put the hit on Mike.

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In the season 2 premiere of Graceland, FBI Agent Mike Warren returns to Graceland for a special undercover mission after a cartel puts a hit on him. Mike finds that Paul Briggs and the rest of the team have changed since he left for D.C.

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Graceland returns for a second season on USA Network, and FBI Agent Mike Warren will take charge over his mentor Paul Briggs and their family of federal agents.

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