See the latest and most disturbing pictures to emerge from the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, amid protests over the police shooting death of unarmed black teen Michael Brown.

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Taylor Woolrich Dartmouth College student drop out can't carry gun stalker

Taylor Woolrich, a student at New Hampshire’s prestigious Dartmouth College, may drop out of the school because of their anti-gun policy. Woolrich has been stalked by a man in San Diego since she was in high school.

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Jakari Pearson dead RIP, 8 year old boy detroit shot dead in bed

Jakari Pearson, an 8 year-old boy living in Detroit, was shot and killed after a bullet broke through his bedroom window and pierced his chest.

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Peter Steinmetz doctor brings loaded rifle arizona airport

A brain scientist in Arizona was arrested after he brought his AR-15 rifle into a terminal of Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix Friday.

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A man and young woman in Jefferson County, CO went on a crazy carjacking spree on I-70. They stole over 3 cars and broke into 2 homes before police got them.

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shotgun silencer, 12 gauge suppressor

Chris Cheng won The History Channel’s “Top Shot” season 4. Watch as he demonstrates shooting a Benelli M2 with a SilencerCo “Salvo” 12 gauge suppressor.

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John Faust Attack Video

Attacked while pumping gas, Faust was knocked out and suffered a fractured skull and blood clot in his brain.

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Five Dead, Including 2 Police Officers In Las Vegas Shooting

2 officers are dead after 2 assailants opened fire at a pizza restaurant near Wal-Mart. They then killed a third person & committed suicide in the Wal-Mart.

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The shooting happened in a consultation room in the pharmacy section of the store.

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The victim was reportedly shot in a class room.

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The gunman is said to be armed with a revolver.

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Endia Martin, 14, was shot dead as she walked home from school. The suspect is a fellow 14-year-old girl. The shooting is believed to have been the result of a feud over a boy.

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