Ken Block Destroys San Francisco in Gymkhana Five

Ken Block takes the next installment of his Gymkhana series and unleashes his four wheeled mayhem on the streets of San Fran. Like a bat out of hell, Ken takes his car on a ripping race through the city’s famous winding roads and gnarly hills.

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Drifting in the K.S.A.

2010 Formula Drift Champion Vaughn Gittin Jr. is given complete access to the Al Reem Circuit in the Kingdom of Saudia Arabia.

Dirt 3′s Gymkhana Micro Sized

Check out footage of Dirt 3’s Gymkhana mode in the wild, but shot with a time shift lens, so everything looks like teeny-tiny toys and the such.

Ride with Ken Block around a Gymkhana Course

A new video game called Dirt 3 was released featuring Ken Block and his insane Gymkhana antics. To celebrate, Ken put people in his passenger seat to get a first hand look. Some of the reaction shots rival 2 Girls, One Cup.

Drifting a Semi Truck

Drifting a high horsepower 3,000 pound sports car…easy. Try it in a 10,000 pound purpose built Semi Truck….not so easy. Mike Ryan shows his skills on the original Gymkhana location at El Toro Marine Base.

Greatest Driving Video Ever?

Ken Block, the greatest Gymkhana driver in the world, drives his 650-horsepower race car around an abandoned race track in France. The video has 14 million views on You Tube. Take one look and you’ll understand why…