A new video purportedly released by the Islamic State comes from ISIS’ hacking division, threatening the United States with a video titled “We are Back in America.”

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Twitter accounts affiliated with the Islamic State have purportedly threatened a September 11 hacking attack against the United States called “America Under Hacks.”

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Where can you find a copy of the list of the 32 million Ashley Madison cheaters, released by the Impact Team hackers? Find instructions on how to get it here.

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Conspiracy theories following computer outages at United Airlines and the New York Stock Exchange on the same day have sparked accusations that China is involved.

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Who is watching whom? What countries are attacking the United States with cyber warfare, and is the U.S. watching its own citizens? Who really attacked Sony?

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Throughout the years, there have been a few elite groups of hackers who had immense power.

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Black hat hackers can break into the cyber security of credit card companies, military complexes, the Pentagon, and more. Here are the most infamous.

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Yooni Mi Rae is a Korean pop star whose song Pay Day was featured in the film The Interview without her permission. She is now suing Sony.

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Sony Pictures has canceled the release of the Seth Rogen, James Franco comedy film about assassinating North Korea leader Kim Jong Un due to terror threats.

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Who hacked the State Department? Was it the Russians?

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The credit and debit card information for customers may have been compromised.

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Giving the keynote address at the 30c3 hacking conference in Hamburg, journalist Glenn Greenwald spoke about the NSA.

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The FBI has arrested three alleged administrators and moderators of SIlk Road, an anonymous online black market. Andrew Michael Jones is one of them. Here’s what we know.

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The first major court case of the hacktivst era has reached a verdict.

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In the largest seizure of Bitcoin assets in history, the government has shut down an online market that sold drugs and illegal services.

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Watch our live blog here for our coverage of Ryan Holiday at The Next Web Conference 2013. His keynote will focus on the development of marketing.

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