Death Grips “The Fever (Aye Aye)”

Cali hardcore rap outfit Death Grips got a lot of well deserved buzz from last year’s Ex-Military, which you can download from Heavy’s Mixtapes page. New album and first release on label Epic, The Money Store is due at the end of April.

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Bad Brains: Band In DC

Bad Brains are one of the most influential American bands still working today, melding punk and reggae into an innovative style that has yet to be copied. Their influence can be heard in groups like Beastie Boys, No Doubt, Nirvana, Jane’s Addiction and countless others. The film has rare archival footage and interviews with the Beastie Boys, Dave Grohl, Anthony Kiedis and more.

Death Grips “Get Got”

Death Grips put out some of 2011’s most genre-defying music and now are gearing up for two releases on new home Epic Records. The first project, The Money Store, drops in April and this is the latest track to come from it. While considerably less abrasive than their material from Ex-Military (download it while you still can) it sounds like the new album will be another progression.

Liturgy “True Will”

Found footage weirdness for the newest one from Brooklyn “transcendental black metal” wailers Liturgy. Catch them on tour now with Diplo and Sleigh Bells or Zola Jesus.

Juliet “My First Hardcore Song”

Meet Juliet. She’s eight years old, she loves her dog Robert and her fishes. This is her first hardcore song, and it’s pretty damn impressive for a first effort.

Touché Amoré “Home Away From Here”

From the LA outfit’s recent album, Parting the Sea Between Brightness and Me. Catch them on tour at Fun Fun Fun Fest this weekend in Austin and on the rest of their American tour.

Hella “Headless”

Sacramento drummer extraordinaire Zach Hill’s project before Death Grips, Hella is a math rock / experimental rock / noise rock sandwich.

Death Grips “Known For It”

You don’t scan these pages often enough if you haven’t noticed we’ve got a thing for Death Grips. Here’s another one from Ex-Military, probably the craziest mixtape of the year. Download it now if you haven’t already at and then tell everyone you’ve been up on it for months.

Death Grips “Beware”

Mellow compared to their other tracks, Death Grips presents with intensity but less violence as MC Ride heads to the desert for this one. The ramblings sampled at the beginning of the track: Charles Manson. Of course.