Tony Grider, a father of 5 and beloved firefighter, has died from injuries he suffered after an ALS Ice Bucket Challenge went wrong on August 21.

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William Kyle Carpenter, 24, will receive the Medal of Honor for jumping on a grenade in Afghanistan in 2010. Here’s what you need to know.

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Bryant Collins, an ex-con who spent 10 years in federal prison for drug charges, became a hero when he spotted and saved the life of a baby alongside a Georgia highway.

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The firefighter is a hero, but this man saved his own life.

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The Berrendo Middle School in New Mexico had a terrifying shooting at the school yesterday. A heroic teacher jumped in and saved the day. Read on.

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The world has lost a revolutionary political leader…

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The greatest historic photos of veterans’ heroics and homecomings across the centuries, from the Civil War to the present.

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Both funny and inspirational for the serviceman or woman in your life.

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The city of Buffalo has a new hero.

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The International Red Cross-Red Crescent is celebrating its 150-year anniversary today. Check out these amazing pics of humanitarian deeds throughout history, as far back as World War I.

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Technically, Henry Heimlich saved the day a little bit too.

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Josh Hargis is the brave Army Ranger who, after being severely injured in a suicide attack in Afghanistan, miraculously managed to salute his commanding officer as he received his Purple Heart in the hospital.

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British native Mitul Shah is being named a hero of last week’s Kenya shopping mall massacre, where he sacrificed himself for the lives of over 30 children before being shot.

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Bostonians are truly great people. One guy even crosses from the opposite track!

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They were so paralyzed with fear, he had to talk them out of moving and leaving the scene.

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Jet, a black lab guide dog in England, broke away from its owner to push a one-year-old baby out of the way of an out of control car.

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