Scott Greenberg is the Republican 20-something glasses-wearing hipster in new commercials supporting the GOP. Will he get your vote?

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It’s all fun and games until somebody gets third-degree burns.

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We had no idea what hipster hides the potato was either, but Reddit was in full force with the Photoshopping.

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Think you can guess the ethnic background of a guy named Yankee Schnitzel? Test your ethnic stereotype knowledge.

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You already squandered your chance for popularity on Twitter and Facebook. Instagram may be your last chance. Don’t blow it.

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A new app hitting the market, Normalize, will take your doctored Instagram pic and return it back to its original state. Anti-hipsters, Unite!

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I suppose you could do a trick shot video with CDs, but that just wouldn’t have the vintage hipster appeal of vinyl, now would it?

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Instagram wasn’t the only hipster fan fave that Facebook has had their eye on. The social media giant has a whole shopping list of hipster keepsakes that they’ll soon pay a ridiculous amount of money for, and toss down the gullet of the mainstream.

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Wikipedia defines Tumblr as “a microblogging platform and social networking website”. We all know it’s really just another way for us to waste time online looking at weird things that should only exist in some other dimension. Down the rabbit hole…

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If you don’t call a hipster enclave like Brooklyn home, not to worry, a few minutes peddling around the pixelated city streets of Philly and you’ll feel the hipster irony coursing through your thumbs.

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