How will Carrie — and the show — go on without Brody?

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‘Homeland’ star James Rebhorn has passed away after a long battle with cancer. Read on for the facts.

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This season’s weird and wild ride comes to a thrilling end. Spoiler alert!

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It’s the season finale of Homeland and fans are eager to see how it all went down. Check in here for the up-to-the-minute details, updates, tweets, & pics.

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It’s the season 3 finale of Homeland and we’re celebrating with the top 10 best memes. Check ‘em out.

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Claire Danes is a true Hollywood vet with an amazing body … Check out the actress’ sexiest photos here.

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“Is he a wolf in sheep’s clothing? Or just a sheep in wolf’s clothing in sheep’s clothing?”

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‘Homeland’ season 3 premiere just aired. Here’s what you need to know.

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Henry Brommel of ‘Homeland’ has passed away. In turn, his wife accepted his award for him at the 2013 Emmy Awards. Watch the video clip here.

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Watch the newest trailer for Showtime’s award-winning television drama Homeland. Season three begins September 29.

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Dr. Oz Beat Out Homeland?: Wrong Envelope Screw-up at Emmys

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The “Homeland” executive producer has died of a heart attack in his L.A. home.

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