Sexual wrecking ball Miley Cyrus loves to shed her clothes but she also wants to rid the planet of youth homelessness, which is why the singer-songwriter has launched the Happy Hippie Foundation.

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A homeless man caught a possum by the tail and put it on a leash, claiming it is a dog and that it’s favorite food is the McDonald’s “Big Mac.”

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A self-described “homeless” Chicago street artist who performs on the Chicago Red Line “L” train is gaining attention for his rap skills in this viral video.

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Rethink Homelessness is a campaign by an Orlando-based homeless advocacy group. They released these photos about the changing face of homelessness in America.

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Sometimes to get the Grinch’s heart to grow, you need to use humor.

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Somebody auto-tune this guy right now.

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This random act of kindness reminds us that not all cops are d-bags.

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Wake up! It’s time for your police beatdown.

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