Hope Solo has been suspended from US Soccer after allegedly being “belligerent” when police stopped her husband Jerramy Stevens for DUI in California. Stevens has a checkered past.

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Mike Magee definitely has a second career waiting for him when he quits soccer. This Ferris Bueller’s Day Off parody is priceless.

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Two-time Olympic gold medalist and soccer star Hope Solo was arrested in Seattle early Saturday morning after allegedly hitting her sister and 17-year-old nephew at a family gathering. According to police, Solo appeared “intoxicated and upset.”

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The 911 call reveals more details on the fight between Hope and Jerramy.

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Hope Solo’s new hubby Jerramy Stevens has violated his parole and is back in trouble with the law.

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Olympic Women’s Soccer Goalkeeper Hope Solo is lashing out at a world that just doesn’t understand her love for a thug.

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She actually went through with it, and here’s proof.

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U.S. goalkeeper Hope Solo has taken the plunge and married her disgraced former NFL player boyfriend Jerramy Stevens.

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Hope Solo’s fiance Jerramy Stevens, the ex-NFL player once accused of rape, has been cleared in a melee involving her brother and a stun gun.

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