The Drip Drop, an edible ring that goes around an ice cream cone to prevent it from melting on your hands, entered the Shark Tank in Season 7.

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Wink Frozen Desserts, which makes ice cream substitutes that are vegan, gluten-free, nut-free and dairy-free, entered the Shark Tank in Season 7.

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Looking for the best ice cream maker on the market? We compare and contrast five different models to help you find the best choice for your budget.

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Ice cream giant Blue Bell has recalled all of its products currently on the shelves across the country amid fears they could be contaminated with listeria.

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Joanne Lavoie needs new friends. While eating a McFlurry in the passenger seat, her “friend” taps the brakes and causes her to almost vomit.

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In honor of National Ice Cream, check out some of these cool made-up Ben & Jerry flavors inspired by movies, books, and political scandals!

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Have a sweet tooth? We’ve got more flavor than Baskin Robbins. Check out the 20 Hottest Girls Eating Ice Cream and satisfy your craving.

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