Cops say Jason Moore is the 40-year-old shooter who opened fire on a sports bar, killing his ex-wife, Lori, and her new boyfriend at a high school reunion.

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For 17 years, Amber Creek’s murder case was cold, now police finally have a suspect in custody.

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On his Facebook, CBS journalist Itay Hod outed the anti-gay marriage congressman Aaron Schock.

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The massive winter storm has dumped a foot and a half of snow in some locations in Illinois.

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Utterly terrifying.

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Washington was one of the many towns that sustained catastrophic damage in today’s tornadoes.

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Tornados are currently ripping through the midwest and central Illinois, but no place so far has been hit as badly as Perkin, Illinois.

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Reports are emerging from central Illinois of massive tornadoes and destruction.

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A southern Illinios businessman repaid $150,000 of a court-ordered settlement with nearly four tons of quarters packed into dozens of bags in protest.

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Five victims, including two small boys, were shot to death by the mayor’s nephew.

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