Tattoos are a common thing nowadays for men and women, wherever they decide to put them on their body. But sometimes the tattoos chosen are terrible. See here.

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baby, pigg-o-stat, x-ray

Radiation technicians sometimes have to employ strange devices when working with children. Check out this bizarre baby holder, the Pigg-o-Stat in action.

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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge With Their Son Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge In Bucklebury

Prince William and Kate Middleton are expecting their second child. See how the world is reacting to the news of the newest addition to the English monarchy.

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Some things in life would be better with explosions. Check out these everyday GIFs edited to include a big boom with flames only to make it that much better.

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In Russia, graves are marked a bit differently. Check out these crazy, intrinsic, artistic statues carved of people, cars, and more to mark burial sites.

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Every company has a brand they’re trying to make instantly recognizable, but sometimes their brand gets recognized for the wrong reasons. Check them out here.

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